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Rock Swap/Sale

On the second Saturday in November, RGMS hosts it's annual Rock Swap and Sale.  It is a one day event from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. held at the RGMS meeting site at Ridge Baptist Church (8100 Shady Grove Road, Mechanicsville, VA).  This is one of the longest running shows on the East Coast with on average 30 vendors each year!  A majority of the vendors are club members of RGMS and other clubs in the region selling minerals, fossils, lapidary pieces and jewelry, often from their private collections.

The Rock Swap portion of the show is open to the younger participants where they can bring rock or fossil and swap it out with a rock or fossil from the vendor's "swap box".  It's a great opportunity for the younger folks to learn more about rocks and fossils! 

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