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The RGMS lapidary workshop has a full range of lapidary equipment including cab machines, trim saws, a slab saw and a carver workstation.  Due to the limited space, we currently do not offer tumbling, faceting or sphere machines.

Members are welcome to use any piece of equipment after they have received proper training.


Quick Facts

  • Orientation: A brief orientation of the lapidary is offered to interested RGMS members at every club meeting promptly at 7 p.m.  In addition to being an RGMS member, it is a prerequisite to attend an orientation prior to signing up for a class. 

  • Priority Signups: RGMS members who attend the monthly membership meeting will have priority to sign up for the first available scheduled workshop session. If you are not able to attend a meeting for that month, you can review our Lapidary Bookings page under "Resources" to see if an open time slot is available. 

  • Online Lapidary Bookings: Class will be available for booking 14 days prior to the date of the class. A waiting list will also be available in case there's a cancellation.  If you decide to cancel, please let us know 1 day prior to the class date. You must create a login account to access the Lapidary Bookings page.

  • Cost: RGMS members can attend the workshop as many times as they like. There is no cost for first-time visits. For subsequent visits, we require a $5 charge to pay for wear and tear on equipment.

  • Location: The lapidary is located in Rockville, Virginia which is 10 minutes from Short Pump. The specific address will be provided before attending your first class. 

  • Times: Weekday sessions usually are on a Wednesday and start at 6 a.m. and end at 9 p.m.  When a weekend day is scheduled (usually Saturday), there are two sessions: a morning session from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and an afternoon session from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Both time slots will be shown as two separate bookings.

  • Prerequisites: In addition to the orientation, all lapidary attendees must review and sign the RGMS Lapidary Rules and Safety Guidelines and the RGMS Lapidary Liability Waiver forms prior to attending the first class. 

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