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Available Positions


The position of Historian has been vacant for the past year. We have a rich history of information that has been meticulously preserved over the years, and our goal is to electronically archive this valuable knowledge and make it accessible to our members on our webpage. This presents an excellent opportunity for someone who would like to take charge of this project, utilize their organizational skills, communicate their vision to our Web Master, and develop a plan for its ongoing maintenance. Please reach out to our Web Master if you are interested. 


The Volunteer Hospitality Coordinator plays a pivotal role in enhancing the social aspect of our club by managing refreshments and fostering a welcoming environment. This position involves coordinating and providing refreshments and drinks during club meetings. It's a fun role that offers an excellent opportunity to meet and get to know club members. The official approach involves asking members to sign up for a month, typically with two members sharing the responsibilities. Many members enjoy cooking or purchasing goodies and having the opportunity to engage in conversations with fellow members during the refreshment time.  Pleas reach out to our current Hospitality chair if you are interested. 

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